Should I Service?



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We credit all of our customers as being the most informed and knowledgeable customers in the industry. But there are still looming questions that should be answered. And sometimes the information online is unclear, misleading or just plain wrong. So the big question now is, “Do I REALLY need to have my unit service on a regular basis?” Or “Should I really have a heating and air conditioning company perform the service or can I just change the filters and wash off the outdoor unit and that be that?” Keep reading and we will make it clear and easy, to keep you and your family safe and comfortable for years to come.





Do you REALLY need to have your unit serviced?


Bottom line is YES!


The reasoning comes in a few different forms and it may surprise you a little. Contrary from years past, equipment manufacturers actually require for the owner of the equipment to have the unit(s) service on a regular, yearly basis in order to maintain warranty on the system. This was a requirement starting a few years back around the time when a standard 10 year registered warranty became available. The reason being, is that the manufacturers realized that just as your car benefits from normal service, as does your heating and air conditioning system. The longevity of any mechanical device depends highly on regular servicing. The other reason would be to maintain optimal energy efficiency of the system. System components, depending on the type and placement can become dirty, corroded, or just stop working, leaving your system partially inoperative or inefficient and you may never know it until you have a unit breakdown.





Next Question: “Should I really have a licensed heating and air conditioning company perform the service?”


Again the answer is ABSOLUTELY!


We all know they are out there. Companies impersonating a true and professional heating and air conditioning company. Maybe it is the guy down the road that said he would service your unit for $50 or maybe it is the fully advertised and working heating and air conditioning company that says he is a professional (they exist). A lot of customer’s can realize the risk but sometimes it is just too hard to see when calling the guy with a billboard on the side of his truck offering a $49.95 service on your unit. The fact is if a company is not licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors, then they just don’t hold their salt. At C/A Heating and Air Conditioning we don’t just hold one license, we hold a total of 6. This classifies us for work on any size system located within any home, apartment or business in North Carolina. But along with licensing comes insurance. Think about it, you end up hiring the guy down the road and he messes something up really bad. He won’t have the money to pay for that. And he doesn’t have insurance to cover it. Leaving you to foot the bill. When hiring a heating and air conditioning contractor it’s a “no-brainer” to check that they are fully licensed and insured so that no matter what the case, your protected.




When is it recommended that I have my unit serviced?

We recommend have your unit service twice per year. Once to make sure your unit is ready for the blaze of summer and another to make sure your unit is prepared for the chill of winter. During both checks we will check your system and optimize it for energy efficiency and comfort.



I’m interested in finding out more about you maintenance program what do I do?

We can always speak with you directly on the phone at (252)633-2744. Or if you would prefer you can fill then form below with your information and one of our service representatives will send you information regarding one of our Protection Plus Maintenance Agreements.